Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pinewood Derby Days ......Ansel and Corey are District Champions

Ansel has been a cub scout for a year now and I am still biting back childhood resentment at all that I missed out as a girl.  Some days this bitterness has poisoned my attitude about Ansel participating in the scouts.  Jealousy is an ugly thing.  

Top ten signs that dad is taking the Pinewood Derby too seriously:
1. Dad 'trash talks' the tiger cubs
2. The Scout gets his first look at the car as he walks to the registration table
3. Dad keeps referring to it as 'my car'
4. Car and Driver magazine wants to feature your car on next month's cover
5. Dad threatens to break the Scout's fingers if he touches it after the wheels are on
6. Mom asks the Cubmaster to delay the start of the race because "we're still taking bets"
7. Dad asked Santa for a Pinewood Derby track for Christmas
8.  "What? You mean there are no trophies for the adults?"
9. Even though he is in the stands, 60' feet away, dad is sure the finish line judge called it wrong
10.  At the end of the race, Dad is the one crying